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I was wary of most software developers until I met Justin and Al. After two failed attempts at realizing our company’s vision for a customized software, not to mention some wasted money, I was not eager to continue the process. Thankfully, we did not give up and were introduced to Ecstatic Labs. Now our Project Management software does everything we originally envisioned and more. Ecstatic Labs is a couple of great guys doing great things. We appreciate the job well done.

Dan Frink Vice President - Dominion Due Diligence Group

Ecstatic Labs has a very unique skill that sets them apart from other custom software developers. They have the ability to immerse themselves in the company’s culture, learn the “widget” that company sells and then use that knowledge to guide the development process. This is an invaluable skill that was hard for my company to find before we had the pleasure of meeting Justin and Al.

Amy Gay Director of Sales and Marketing - Dominion Due Diligence Group

The partnership between Dandelion and Ecstatic has been a great one. We have counted on them to plan technology solutions that are both effective, and cost efficient, and they always deliver. In the development phase, we have always been pleased with their work, and their dedication to our stated goals. They have been protective of our budgets and schedule, and delivered excellent work in every situation.

Kirt Gunn President - Dandelion

The custom, web-based Project Management software that Ecstatic Labs developed for my company has made every employee more efficient. The user interface is so intuitive that my staff immediately adopted the software because they too could see the value. One thing we never considered when we moved to a web-based platform is now one of my favorite features – the ability to access our data from anywhere at any time. That ability not only impresses me, but also my clients. When asked about how a project is progressing, I can easily look it up on my phone. Thank you for helping us look good at Dominion Due Diligence Group.

Rob Hazelton President - Dominion Due Diligence Group

Ecstatic Labs was instrumental in helping us build an award winning education application on time and on budget. They are true professionals possessing a rare combination of sharp technical skills and pragmatic dedication toward meeting business goals. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Harper Trow CTO - Sightsource, LLC

I have been working on a mobile software application for 4 years. I have worked with several companies in the Richmond area. I found Ecstatic Labs through a network of software contacts that I have developed. Over the last year that I have worked with Justin at Ecstatic Labs I can honestly that he is one of the most thorough developers that I have met. He ensures that the quality of his work is spot on and lets me know any issues that might arise before we get started. He communicates extremely well. The guys at Ecstatic Labs know what good software is all about and do a great job making sure the work they produce is quality.

Walter Werness President - Front Row Ready, Inc.

We had three full time developers that all left us in a very short period of time. Rather than hiring their replacements, we decided to partner with Ecstatic Labs in order to fulfill our development needs. What a great decision that turned out to be! Ecstatic is extremely responsive, provides great service and development insight, finishes projects on-time, and all for the same cost (or less) of our previous development team. In general, Ecstatic Labs has been fantastic to work with, and we are extremely happy with our decision to partner with them to handle our development needs.

Chris Oley Director of FP&A – Weinstein Properties

We have been working with Ecstatic Labs for a year now. We rely upon their expertise to maintain and enhance our current applications. We have always been extremely satisfied with the solutions they deliver. They offer great suggestions to enhance our systems and are very responsive to provide support for any problems that arise. All of our users that work with Ecstatic Labs enjoy working with them and feel they are a valuable and essential part of our team. I would highly recommend them.

Keith Messer IT Director – Weinstein Properties

Let's build something, together

Choosing the best tools for a project is a challenge. We focus on a core set of tools to ensure that we can deliver predictably and reliably. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Rails
  • Heroku
  • Postgres
  • Docker
  • HTML5
  • Redis
  • Ruby
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • Elasticsearch
  • AWS
  • Chef

Great software is discovered, not designed

Founded in 2010, and based in Richmond and Charlottesville Virginia, Ecstatic Labs was formed with the singular goal of building world-class web applications with a focus on quality, efficiency, and transparency.

Justin 2d522998b26fb862fcdd7c5610ce254db20b8cbb8b905b4798c4f51fcf198367

Justin Etheredge


Ruthlessly practical, Justin's focus is always trained on finding faster and easier ways to create amazing software experiences. Justin brings strong front-end JavaScript skills, combined with years of experience working with complex domain models and sophisticated web applications.

Al c151b35a4823d191d1086f3c18ce778e0a9646e30a7bd5e42351fb1ddc5b08f9

Al Tenhundfeld


Disturbingly analytical, Al brings balance by making sure that the quality stays high and that we always have our t's crossed and our i's dotted. Al brings extensive web application, database, and NoSQL experience, working for years building and optimizing enterprise web applications.

Kev 0dfb3956eaafa886510d237acd7bc14c0a9571a435328ba6ae40f654b82793c6

Kevin Bahr

Web Application Engineer

Remarkably perseverant, Kevin brings years of experience stitching web and mobile applications together. Kevin finds the right mix of html, css, javascript, and [insert your server side language], in order to build fluid software experiences.

Alex bff1e58f65d6ac05d6c24184389a81dacf4ed7b36a190510571e58800fff1812

Alex Baldwin

Web Application Engineer

Meticulously efficient, Alex delivers high impact projects through years of experience fulfilling business needs with technology. Alex brings enthusiasm for all things web with knowledge in databasing, middleware and user interfaces.

Smk profile d093e19036a6a6442c9d9aba4d195aa031f5978a216d479489fb7878bd36ad8e

Stephen Kiningham

Web Application Engineer

Energetically insightful, Stephen's knack for turning business requirements into reality manifests in his many years of web application development. Expect Stephen to deliver high quality backend software with any toolset.

David 646a6e7f55fc8056fe5250f4b8552ce0bc85a926f4af0fdae99f6ccccbc35e44

David Leyden

Web Application Engineer

Effortlessly adaptable, David is comfortable solving problems in any environment. David brings strong design and debugging skills honed from years of experience working on diverse technologies.

Paul 16a19e3fef7941835644d27337aad213c1522d5bcb145677063860c6bb8da920

Paul Schmidt

Director of New Business

Unapologetically empathetic, Paul’s goal is always to help our clients by understanding the their business problem and the pain it’s causing. His approach is straightforward and inquisitive. Paul prides himself on being the client’s best advocate, and in so doing, helping us to build solutions which solve their problems.

Madhu 3f2b5ba70fbc270db6ece6527df4491bf7d7df34d46e81a0429d2a43690c5bfb

Madhu Ravi

Web Application Engineer

Relentlessly persistent, Madhu is constantly on the move and thinking on his feet. He brings years of experience in finance and full stack engineering to the team. Madhu can fill nearly any role in web application development ranging from design, backend, or frontend work all in a number of frameworks and languages.

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